Commendation on “ZERO” Construction Site Accident

16 December 2019

In a letter from The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Drainage Services Department dated 06 December 2019, Hsin Chong Aster Building Services Limited has been commended for the outstanding performance on Contract No. DE/20IS/0S – Improvement Works on Gasholder No.3 at Shatin Sewage Treatment Works. The citation as briefly stated:

“you have maintained “ZERO” accident throughout the above contract, which lasted for one and a half years from September 2016 to February 2018″

“the sub-items in the “Site Safety” section of all Reports on Contractor’s Performance (RCPs) were ranked “Satisfactory” or above. Such an achievement is not without challenge, particularly for the works to be executed within an operating sewage treatment works with congested utilities and limited working space”

“you had won the half-yearly award of our Construction Sites Housekeeping Award Scheme (2017) by virtue of your outstanding performance in site safety and housekeeping”

“commend your outstanding safety performance and zero accident record in executing the contract. You are also encouraged to continue with your excellent performance in completing other DSD’s contract works being undertaken by you”