Sports Centre, Community Hall & Football Pitches
Plover Cove Road Area 1, Tai Po
The project site occupies an area of about 25 100 square metres. It will have indoor heated swimming pool, indoor heated training pool and a Jacuzzi, a multi-purpose arena that can accommodate basketball, volleyball and badminton courts with a seating capacity of about 800, comprising about 400 fixed and about 400 retractable spectator seats; multi-purpose activity rooms and ancillary facilities.

A multi-purpose hall with a seating capacity of 450 with a stage; a stage store room; a stage meeting room; male and female dressing rooms; a conference room; and ancillary facilities. A two 7-a-side hard-surfaced football pitches, each with a covered spectator stand accommodating about 150 people; and ancillary facilities.
Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems Term Maintenance Contract for 2017/2020
The Project includes the conservation of 16 buildings of historical or architectural significance and several open spaces on the approximately 3.37-acre site. To support the activities on the revitalized site, two new buildings will be built to provide additional floor space for contemporary art and exhibition areas and plant rooms, and will help to reduce interventions to the historic buildings.

It is aimed that the new buildings will carefully inject fresh elements within the fabric of the existing buildings, adding new functions and synergy to the unique historic character of the site.
Retail and Hotel Development Development for Tung Chung Town Lots #2 and 11
A construction of 12-storey superstructure works of the retail and hotel building with 2-storey basement carpark, landscaping work, swimming pool comprising gross floor area of approximately 50,130 m2 and alteration and additional works for CityGate Tung Chung.
Public Rental Housing Redevelopment
Pak Tin Estate, Phases 7&8
The Contract includes the whole of the materials and labour necessary for air conditioning and ventilation installation, and its operation and maintenance for 24 months after completion of installation.

This covers areas of two to four-storey’s non-domestic podium consisting of Property Management Agency (PMA) office at LG1; A Wet Market at LG3 of Block 4; Retail shops; A carpark at LG1 of Block 2; District Management office at LG1 of Block 2; Estate Management Office at LG1 of Block 2 and; Public Transportation Interchange (PTI) at LG3 and LG2 of Block 2.
New World Center Remodeling
Salisbury Road, TST, Kowloon
The project rises from the southern tip of Kowloon peninsula. It will be the tallest building in Tsim Sha Tsui upon completion and it is planned to create an intensified mixed-use district anchored with a prominent building alongside Victoria Harbour
Express Rail Link Contract 843 Tunnel Environmental Control System
The project comprises of the design, manufacture, supply, transportation, delivery, installation, coordination, design data submissions, statutory submissions, testing, integrated tests, commissioning, test running, maintenance and rectification of defects during DLP of the provision of tunnel and trackway ventilation system for the tunnels and WKT of XRL.
Holiday Inn Golden Mile Chiller Replacement
50 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
MVAC installation consists of “Carrier” air cooled package screw type chillers (380RT).
Development of Hong Kong Science Park, Phases 3a and 3b
Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po
MVAC installation consists of chilled units of solar absorption type and water cooled cooling towers, thermal energy storage panel with phase charge material, solar hot water collector, AHU c/w heat wheel and VRV indoor unit.
China Construction Bank
3 Connaught Road, Central
A 28-storey class ‘A’ commercial building in Central is cooled down with 4 nos. water cooled chillers at B4 and 3 nos. air cooled chillers on the roof. The whole building is installed with VAV Box, B1 – B3 basement carpark with smoke extraction system and staircase pressurization.
Landmark East
How Ming Street, Kwun Tong
This project is a Grade A twin towers office building located in Kwun Tong District with 43 storeys in height and two basement level carparks. The total floor area is around 130,000 sq m with total cooling capacity of 7,000 TR comprised of 11 and 7 nos. water cooled chillers at Tower 1 and Tower 2 respectively. This contract commenced on Feb 2007 and completed on July 2008 with a very fast-track programme.
Hong Kong Science Park, Phase II, Main Works (Area B)
HVAC installation consists of Secondary Chilled Water Pump, Secondary Heating Water Pump, Air Handling Unit c/w UV lamps, air purifier and steam humidifier, Primary Air Handling Unit c/w Heat wheel, VAV box and VRV Indoor Unit, Heat Exchanger, CRAC Unit, Water Scrubber and Jet Fans.
Cyberport Development – Contract C1
Cyberport Road, Pok Fu Lam
ACMV installation consists of sea water cooled centrifugal chiller plant totalled 8500 tonnes and screw type air cooled chiler plant totalled 250 tonnes.
Student Hostels Phase I
City University of Hong Kong
ACMV installation consists of VRV A/C units, split and window types A/Cunits for mechanical ventilation plant rooms and toilets, and fresh air for the VRV A/C and split type A/C units.
A Primary School in Area 27 and
A Primary and Secondary Schools
Area 101, Tin Shui Wai
ACMV installation consists of zero ozone depletion refrigerant type VRV with heat pump, split type air conditioning systems.
Lady Ho Tung Hall
Hong Kong University
ACMV installation consists of 2 nos. air cooled chiller totalled 85 tonnes, AHU/PAU for the canteen and the hall.
Oscar By The Sea – Phases I & II
8 Pung Loi Road, TKO
ACMV installation consists of 2 nos. air cooled chiller totalled 230 tonnes, AHU/PAU and FCU and heat pump with cooling capacity 130 kW for the Club House area and split type A/C units for the residential flats.
Ocean Shore
88 O King Road, Tiu Keng Leng, Kowloon
ACMV installation consists of 3 nos. air cooled chiller totalled 379 tonnes, AHU and FCU for Club House, split type Air Conditioning Units for the entrance Lift Lobby, DIDW centrifugal fan, jet fan and jet nozzle for car park area.
Club Lusitano
16 Ice House St, Central
ACMV installation consists of 267 tonne screw type air cooled chiller, water to water heat pump, AHU, mechanical ventilation and building management system.
Australian International School
3A號 Norfolk Rd, Kowloon Tong
ACMV installation consists of one air cooled chiller with 150 tonnes for the Gymnasium Block and heat pump split type A/C unit for Academic Block.
Residential Redevelopment of N018A, La Salle Road, Kowloon
ACMV installation consists of VRV air conditioning system, Ventilation system.
Chun Wah Road Indoor Game Hall-Phase 5(Pkg. C)
50 Chun Wah Road, Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong
ACMV installation consists of 2 nos 175 kw cooling capacity DX AHU, 2 sets of 39 kw cooling capacity VRV complete with heat pump, desiccant type dehumidifier, mechanical ventilation and the associated electrical services, fire services and the renovation builders work.
New Building – Block P
United Christian Hospital Extension
ACMV installation consists of 3 nos. air-cooled chillers totalled 990 tonnes. AHU, VAV / CAV, FCU, a central low pressure hot water plant, extract ventilation systems, and cold rooms for kitchen
Residential Development in Cheung Muk Tao
ACMV installation consists of Multi zoning VRV type air conditioning, General Ventilation & Exhaust system for Refuse Collection Chamber and Vehicle exhaust system for carpark with gas detection system.
The New Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau Island
Mechanical installation consists of 6 Chillers @ 12,000 kW, 500 air Handling Units, 600 Fans, 650 Fan Coil Units, 11,000 Dampers, 3,500 Tonnes Ductwork, 58 Km Pipework (Largest 1.2m) and 14,000 Points BMS System.
Fairmont Terrace
127 Repulse Bay Rd, Repulse Bay
ACMV installation consists of air cooled heat pump with the cooling capacity 142 kW and heating capacity 147 kW, AHU and FCU for the Club House area, outdoor VRV and indoor units for the residential flat.
Ruttonjee Hospital
266 Queen's Rd E, Wan Chai
ACMV installation consists of 3 nos. air cooled package screw type chillers totalled 525 tonnes, VAV, Building Automation system and venntilation system of tuberculosis ward. The demolition and diversion of existing building services were provided.
New Operating Theatre
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
ACMV installation consists of 3 nos air cooled chillers totalled 1080 tonnes, AHU, FCU and mechanical ventilation.
Airport Freight Forwarding Centre (AFFC),
Chun Wan Road North
MVAC installation consists of several nos of air-cooled chillers totaling to 690 TR for the office tower and 6 sets staircase pressurization systems for the cargo freight stations.
KCRC – University Station Extension
Shatin, Hong Kong
ACMV installation consists of split type air-conditioning units.