Main Works Package 2 for Expansion of United Christian Hospital – BSEM Installation
130 Hip Wo Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Building Services Installation, Fire Services, Plumbing and Drainage, Sanitary Fittings Installation, Electrical, LV Switchboard, Diesel Generator, Broadcast Reception, Burglar Alarm and Security System, Audio Electronics Installation, Fuel Tank and Pipe Works, ACMV Installation, Pneumatic Tube System among others.
Design and Build of Regional HQ cum Ngau Tau Kok Divisional Police Station Kai Tak Operational Base, Kowloon East
The Regional Headquarters and Operational Base cum Ngau Tau Kok Divisional Police Station is an innovative structure and accommodation that occupies an area of about 6,618 square meter.

It comprises a report room, public interface areas, office accommodation, changing and night duties accommodation, dining and recreation facilities, armoury and indoor shooting range, police control room, dangerous good storage facilities, a fuel (petrol and diesel) filling station, covered and uncovered areas for police vehicles of various sizes, and dog kennels among others.
Student Hostels for the Chinese University of HK
Area 39 at Campus Circuit North
The two hostel blocks, each rising to 12 storeys facing Tolo Harbour is an eco-friendly hostels. The blocks feature vertical greening woven through all 12 floors, with sky gardens on alternate floors and along the entire first floor.

The green design is introduced to enhance aesthetics; it will also improve ventilation, provides shading and brings in natural lighting, thus minimizing the heat island effect. There will be green roofs to be built on the multi-purpose hall to cater to organic farming.
Hang Seng Bank Commercial Development
113-115 Argyle Street, Kowloon K.I.L. No. 11028
This project is an A&A Work to the existing 30-storey building. Contract includes builder’s work, structural strengthening for PAU room and decoration works. MEP includes MVAC system, Electrical, ELV, BMS, Fire Services and Plumbing Installations. The MVAC has adopted the chilled ceiling system.

New Campus Development at Chu Hai College
Tuen Mun, New Territories
The project which was finished in 2016 features facilities such as crossmedia visual production studio, architecture studios, civil engineering laboratories, language laboratory and computer centres. It also has a full range of supporting facilities such as library, indoor gymnasium, cafeteria, café as well as student dormitory and staff quarters.
Tin Shui Wai Hospital
Tin Tan St, Tin Shui Wai
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, BMS, Steam and P&D. The works for this contract comprises the design and construction of multi-storey community hospital building for the Hospital Authority. It is composed of about 260 beds in patient wards for emergency medicine, general rehabilitation, hospice and day hospice cum day therapy centre. The hospital also contains accident and emergency departments, day procedure centre/endoscopy centre, haemodialysis centre, integrated rehabilatation services/areas, specialist outpatient clinic, clinical laboratory, diagnostic radiology, pharmacy, morgue and autopsy, central sterile supplies.

Chilled water and heating plants, including oil free chillers, heat recovery chillers, reverse cycled heat pump, water to water heat pump, hot water boiler, solar hot water system and steam boilers, are installed to provide air conditioning, hot water and steam to facilitate the hospital’s operation.
Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Tsuen Wan
199 Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong.
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, Electrical, ELV, P&D and Fire Services. The project includes the increase of number of beds from 120 to 470 to meet the needs of the New Territory West private sector.

Expansion of existing range of specialist centers (such as Women’s Health Center, Breast Center and Skin Center etc.), to include centers specializing in Oncology, Orthopedics and Sports Trauma Treatment.
Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts (formerly Central Police Station),
10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
The Project includes HVAC, P&D and Fire Services. It is a conservation of 16 buildings of historical or architectural significance and several open spaces on the approximately 3.37-acre site. To support the activities on the revitalized site, two new buildings will be built to provide additional floor space for contemporary art and exhibition areas and plant rooms, and will help to reduce interventions to the historic buildings.

It is aimed that the new buildings will carefully inject fresh elements within the fabric of the existing buildings, adding new functions and synergy to the unique historic character of the site.
Lei Garden Food Factory Development
No.3, Dai Shun Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, N.T
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, Automatic Control, Electrical, P&D and Fire Services. The existing building is a 4-storey factory with a total floor area of 7900m2. The E&M installation consists of 2no. of 1055 kW water-cooler chillers, 600 kVA Gensets, LV switchboards, kitchen exhaust fans, FS sprinkler system, P&D installation, staircase pressurization system (class B). Interfacing works between E&M and other services, e.g. waste water treatment plant which diverts treated waste water to use as make-up water for AC system, cold room and kitchen equipment (including compressors, retort machines, washing machines) which require the provision of ventilation, drainage, condensing water systems, etc.
Madame Fu, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong.
Fit-Out Works covering Fire Services and MVAC.
Base Building MEP2 Installation Nominated Sub-Contract for Global Network Centre Development (Tier 3+)
Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate tin, New Territories
An E&M package covering the installation of 70 CRAC Units ranging from 33kW to 112kW and 16 UPS (each rating at 500kVA) to serve 7 nos Data Hall with a total construction area of about 7000m2 serving a total number of racks of 1,120.
Jean-Marie Pharmacal Company Limited
No.7, Dai Shun Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, N.T
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, BMS, Electrical, P&D and Fire Services. The project is a 4-storey existing building with a total floor area of 9000m2. The E&M installation consists of 4 no. of 1442kW water-cooled chillers, 2 no. of 281kW air-cooled chillers, generator sets, LV switchboards, chilled and condensing water pumps, fire services sprinkler system, plumbing and drainage system. Interfacing works between E&M installation and clean room system, of which ductwork, pipework and BMS system are provided at the appropriate location.
Redevelopment of UCB Building for Bank of East Asia
No. 31-37 Des Veoux Road Central
The project is situated near Central MTR station and served by various transport options. The building has a flexible workspace with state-of-the-art designs featuring curtain walls and glazed panels for maximum daylight penetration. There are over 20 floors dedicated to premium office space and 5 storeys for retail and commercial use.
City University Campus Development
Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, Electrical, P&D and Fire Services. The project, AC3 comprises a 20-storey upper block and a 5-storey lower block, an additional 20,500 square metres of net area.

It houses a state-of-the-art 600-seat theatre, the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves, an alumni lounge, a sky garden, restaurants, classrooms and learning commons, multi-function rooms and administration offices.
HK Baptist University Campus Development
Baptist University Road
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, Electrical, and Fire Services. The project comprises two numbers of building, one is “Main Building” which is the academic building with gross floor area of 2,400 square metres and the other is ‘Annex Block” housing a sports centre and an exhibition hall.
New Civil Aviation Department Headquarters (Tier 4)
Hong Kong International Airport
In anticipation of the projected air traffic in Hong Kong International Airport, the HK government replaced the existing air traffic control system and developed a New Headquarters for the Civil Aviation Department which housed all currently dispersed CAD functional divisions into a single location. The project was constructed with approximately 65,000 sq meter floor area.

The design and build scheme was in itself a big challenge, especially on areas where various services were simultaneously required and this scenario necessitated an accurate coordination skills and a firm knowledge of the entire building services, in order to minimize reworks and/or double handling of works, thus mitigated potential delays to the works programme.

The provision of 100 CRAC Units for the Data Centre with the cooling capacity ranging from 20kW to 40kW and heating capacity of 2kW was a challenge due to the the fact that technical requirements were more stringent than normal commercial CRAC units as they help to handle flight data involving risk of human lives than data centres which are for stocks and commercial information. Adding to the complexity of the air-conditioning system is the nature of the building’s location, which is situated on four portions, namely Sites A,B,C and the temporary construction works area. A fixed link bridge was designed to connect one building to another while an underground service tunnel connected Site A and Site B.
Nin Jiom Medicine Factory Phases I & II
50 Wang Lee Street, Yuen Long Industrial Estate
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, BMS, Electrical, ELV, Fire Services, P&D, Stream and Compressed Air. The services was installed within existing factory renovations and new buildings together connect with all kinds of building services in a very fast track requirement. FS inspection was successful after 8 months of work process. Water cooled chillers A/C packaged units for spot cooling in store racks, steam, compressed air systems. The total floor area is 21700m2.
Main Contract Works for the New Energy Centre at Shatin Racecourse – Phase II.
Shatin, New Territories
In Phase 2, main works include Foundation, Building, HVAC, BMS, Electrical, P&D and Fire Services in the construction of New Energy Centre. This also includes new and relocated generator sets, new chiller and chilled water system installation to existing systems to serve the entire Jockey Club grand stand. Work as a Main Contractor to build a new energy centre building for the new chillers(9000RT), 2 transformer rooms (9MVA) and 6 generators (7.2 MW).
Kowloon Tong Meridian Hill
Broadcast Drive 81, Hong Kong
This includes HVAC, Electrical and ELV Services. The development has a total of 103 nos of deluxe domestic flats and a club house, equipped with 2 nos 40 TR. VRV and split air-conditioning system.
Prince of Wales Hospital
Shatin, New Territories
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, BMS, Electrical, ELV, P&D, Pneumatic Tube, Steam and Data Room. The works for this contract comprises the design and construction of multi-storey acute hospital building for the Hospital Authority.

It is composed of about 800 beds in patient wards for medicine and therapeutics, surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedics and traumatology, infectious diseases, ICU, coronary care, diagnostic radiology and organ imaging, AED, anaesthesiology and operating theatre suite, ambulatory surgery, blood bank, pharmacy, theatre sterile supplies unit and mortuary. Three (3) nos. of CRAC Units are provided for Medical Data Centre.
Main Contract Works for the New Energy Centre at Shatin Racecourse – Phase I Shatin, New Territories
Work as a Main Contractor to provide an air conditioning system (1000RT) to kick off the decanting of existing HVAC system for future expansion including structural modification. Works also include Building, BMS, Electrical, ELV, P&D and Fire Services.
The Western Corridor Passenger Terminal Building
Shenzhen-Hong Kong Border
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, BMS, Electrical, ELV, P&D, Smoke extraction, Solar Tube and Data Center. This is an ASD project built in Shenzhen and with a fast track programme consisting of 40,000sqm floor area for HK-PRC Passenger Terminal

There are 21 numbers CRAC units serving 7 Data Centres, for immigration, customs, police office, together with most E&M services.
Pok Oi Hospital
Yuen Long, N.T., Hong Kong.
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, BMS, Electrical, ELV, Pnematic Tube, Steam and Data Room. The Hospital consists of a 13-storey building with one and a half levels of basement, five stories of podium floors and seven floors with three ward wings on each floor.

It accommodates 622 impatient beds, Accident and Emergency Dep’t (AE), Specialist Outpatient Dep’t (SOPD), Dep’t of Radiology, Operating Theatre (OT) suites, Clinical lab, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Central Sterile Supplies Dep’t (CSSD Kitchen, Canteen and car parking spaces. Four (4) nos. of CRAC Units are provided for Medical Data Centre
Cyberport Development – Contract C1
Cyberport Road, Pok Fu Lam
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, BMS, Electrical, ELV, P&D, Fire Services and Data Center.