Sports Centre, Community Hall & Football Pitches
Plover Cove Road Area 1, Tai Po
The project site occupies an area of about 25 100 square metres. It will have indoor heated swimming pool, indoor heated training pool and a Jacuzzi, a multi-purpose arena that can accommodate basketball, volleyball and badminton courts with a seating capacity of about 800, comprising about 400 fixed and about 400 retractable spectator seats; multi-purpose activity rooms and ancillary facilities.

A multi-purpose hall with a seating capacity of 450 with a stage; a stage store room; a stage meeting room; male and female dressing rooms; a conference room; and ancillary facilities. A two 7-a-side hard-surfaced football pitches, each with a covered spectator stand accommodating about 150 people; and ancillary facilities.

Design and Build of Regional HQ cum Ngau Tau Kok Divisional Police Station Kai Tak Operational Base, Kowloon East
The Regional Headquarters and Operational Base cum Ngau Tau Kok Divisional Police Station is an innovative structure and accommodation that occupies an area of about 6,618 square meter.

It comprises a report room, public interface areas, office accommodation, changing and night duties accommodation, dining and recreation facilities, armoury and indoor shooting range, police control room, dangerous good storage facilities, a fuel (petrol and diesel) filling station, covered and uncovered areas for police vehicles of various sizes, and dog kennels among others.
Central Police Station Conservation and Revitalisation Project Hollywood Road, Central
The Project includes HVAC, P&D and Fire Services. It is a conservation of 16 buildings of historical or architectural significance and several open spaces on the approximately 3.37-acre site. To support the activities on the revitalized site, two new buildings will be built to provide additional floor space for contemporary art and exhibition areas and plant rooms, and will help to reduce interventions to the historic buildings.

It is aimed that the new buildings will carefully inject fresh elements within the fabric of the existing buildings, adding new functions and synergy to the unique historic character of the site.
New Civil Aviation Department Headquarters (Tier 4)
Hong Kong International Airport
In anticipation of the projected air traffic in Hong Kong International Airport, the HK government replaced the existing air traffic control system and developed a New Headquarters for the Civil Aviation Department which housed all currently dispersed CAD functional divisions into a single location. The project was constructed with approximately 65,000 sq meter floor area.

The design and build scheme was in itself a big challenge, especially on areas where various services were simultaneously required and this scenario necessitated an accurate coordination skills and a firm knowledge of the entire building services, in order to minimize reworks and/or double handling of works, thus mitigated potential delays to the works programme.

The provision of 100 CRAC Units for the Data Centre with the cooling capacity ranging from 20kW to 40kW and heating capacity of 2kW was a challenge due to the the fact that technical requirements were more stringent than normal commercial CRAC units as they help to handle flight data involving risk of human lives than data centres which are for stocks and commercial information. Adding to the complexity of the air-conditioning system is the nature of the building’s location, which is situated on four portions, namely Sites A,B,C and the temporary construction works area. A fixed link bridge was designed to connect one building to another while an underground service tunnel connected Site A and Site B.
Hong Kong Sports Institute
25 Yuen Wo Road, Shatin
The 3rd phase development covers the main building that houses Athlete Hostel catering for 370 athletes, Lecture Theatre with 400 seats, Meeting and Activity Rooms.

Main Contract Works for the New Energy Centre at Shatin Racecourse – Phase II.
Shatin, New Territories
In Phase 2, main works include Foundation, Building, HVAC, BMS, Electrical, P&D and Fire Services in the construction of New Energy Centre. This also includes new and relocated generator sets, new chiller and chilled water system installation to existing systems to serve the entire Jockey Club grand stand. Work as a Main Contractor to build a new energy centre building for the new chillers(9000RT), 2 transformer rooms (9MVA) and 6 generators (7.2 MW); complete the associated
Main Contract Works for the New Energy Centre at Shatin Racecourse – Phase I Shatin, New Territories
Work as a Main Contractor to provide an air conditioning system (1000RT) to kick off the decanting of existing HVAC system for future expansion including structural modification. Works also include Building, BMS, Electrical, ELV, P&D and Fire Services.
Chun Wah Road Indoor Game Hall-Phase 5(Pkg. C)
50 Chun Wah Road, Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong
ACMV installation consists of 2 nos 175 kw cooling capacity DX AHU, 2 sets of 39 kw cooling capacity VRV complete with heat pump, desiccant type dehumidifier, mechanical ventilation and the associated electrical services, fire services and the renovation builders work.