Sewage Treatment Works at Stonecutters Island
- Contract No. DE/2022/08
Improvement of Pump Cooling System of Main Pumping Station No.1
Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works
- Contract No. DE/2022/13
Upgrading of Air Mains Pipework and Associated Facilities
Sewage Treatment Works at Sha Tin, N.T.
- Contract No. DE/2021/02
Provision of CEPT Sludge Reception and Dilution Facilities for the Sludge Digestion System

Water Treatment Works at Sheung Shui, N.T.
- Contract No. 20/WSD/21
Replacement of Filtered Water and Backwash Water Valves and Pipework for Stage I Filters

Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works
- Contract No. DE/2022/04
Upgrading of Sludge Dewatering System and Associated Facilities for Imported Sludge
Tsing Yi Sewage Pumping Station
- Contract No. DE/2020/05
Upgrading of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment
Various Sewage Treatment Works
and Pumping Stations In Sha Tin And Sai Kung
- Contract No. DE/2019/09
Term Contract for Inspection, Repair, Overhaul and Testing of Electrical and Mechanical Installations