Lei Garden Food Factory Development
No.3, Dai Shun Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, N.T
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, Automatic Control, Electrical, P&D and Fire Services. The existing building is a 4-storey factory with a total floor area of 7900m2. The E&M installation consists of 2no. of 1055 kW water-cooler chillers, 600 kVA Gensets, LV switchboards, kitchen exhaust fans, FS sprinkler system, P&D installation, staircase pressurization system (class B). Interfacing works between E&M and other services, e.g. waste water treatment plant which diverts treated waste water to use as make-up water for AC system, cold room and kitchen equipment (including compressors, retort machines, washing machines) which require the provision of ventilation, drainage, condensing water systems, etc.
Base Building MEP2 Installation Nominated Sub-Contract for Global Network Centre Development (Tier 3+)
Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate tin, New Territories
An E&M package covering the installation of 70 CRAC Units ranging from 33kW to 112kW and 16 UPS (each rating at 500kVA) to serve 7 nos Data Hall with a total construction area of about 7000m2 serving a total number of racks of 1,120.
Jean-Marie Pharmacal Company Limited
No.7, Dai Shun Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, N.T
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, BMS, Electrical, P&D and Fire Services. The project is a 4-storey existing building with a total floor area of 9000m2. The E&M installation consists of 4 no. of 1442kW water-cooled chillers, 2 no. of 281kW air-cooled chillers, generator sets, LV switchboards, chilled and condensing water pumps, fire services sprinkler system, plumbing and drainage system. Interfacing works between E&M installation and clean room system, of which ductwork, pipework and BMS system are provided at the appropriate location.
Maxim's New Food Factory Development
No.5, Dai Shun Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, N.T.
The project consists of FH/HR/Sprinkler systems with over 3000 sprinkler heads, 26 no hydrants and 28 no of hose reels. AFA System with 259 no Alarm Bells, 94 no Break glass units, 153 no Smoke/Heat Detectors. There are FM200 System, Audio/Visual, Pipes and Accessories, LMCPs, Tanks, Pumps and Valves.

Nin Jiom Medicine Factory Phases I & II
50 Wang Lee Street, Yuen Long Industrial Estate
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, BMS, Electrical, ELV, Fire Services, P&D, Stream and Compressed Air. The services was installed within existing factory renovations and new buildings together connect with all kinds of building services in a very fast track requirement. FS inspection was successful after 8 months of work process. Water cooled chillers A/C packaged units for spot cooling in store racks, steam, compressed air systems. The total floor area is 21700m2.
Cyberport Development – Contract C1
Cyberport Road, Pok Fu Lam
ACMV installation consists of sea water cooled centrifugal chiller plant totalled 8500 tonnes and screw type air cooled chiler plant totalled 250 tonnes.

Electrical installation consists of 3,200A LV switchboards, standby / emergency generators with rating from 750 kVA to 1,500 kVA, UPS public address, SMARTV / BRI and emergency call bell system.

Fire Services installation consists of complete wet sprinkler, fire hydrant and hosereel system, manual fire alarm, visual fire alarm and addressable automatic fire detection and alarm system, portable fire extinguishers and pre-action sprinkler system.

Plumbing and Drainage installation consists of potable water supply, cleansing water supply, grey water, soil and waste disposal and rain water disposal (underground and above ground).

An E&M Package that includes HVAC, BMS, Electrical, ELV, P&D, Fire Services and Data Center.
Airport Freight Forwarding Centre (AFFC),
Chun Wan Road North
MVAC installation consists of several nos of air-cooled chillers totaling to 690 TR for the office tower and 6 sets staircase pressurization systems for the cargo freight stations.