Express Rail Link Contract 843 Tunnel Environmental Control System
The project comprises of the design, manufacture, supply, transportation, delivery, installation, coordination, design data submissions, statutory submissions, testing, integrated tests, commissioning, test running, maintenance and rectification of defects during DLP of the provision of tunnel and trackway ventilation system for the tunnels and WKT of XRL.

The Western Corridor Passenger Terminal Building
Shenzhen-Hong Kong Border
An E&M Package that includes HVAC, BMS, Electrical, ELV, P&D, Smoke extraction, Solar Tube and Data Center. This is an ASD project built in Shenzhen and with a fast track programme consisting of 40,000sqm floor area for HK-PRC Passenger Terminal

There are 21 numbers CRAC units serving 7 Data Centres, for immigration, customs, police office, together with most E&M services.
The New Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau Island
Mechanical installation consists of 6 Chillers @ 12,000 kW, 500 air Handling Units, 600 Fans, 650 Fan Coil Units, 11,000 Dampers, 3,500 Tonnes Ductwork, 58 Km Pipework (Largest 1.2m) and 14,000 Points BMS System.

Electrical installation consists of 60 Transformers, 20 Main LV Switchboards, 1,100 Distribution Boards, 80,000 Luminaires, 150 Km Cables and 2,500 Km Small Wiring.

Fire Services installation consists of 23,000 nos Heat/Smoke Detectors, 50,000 nos Sprinklers, 300 kms Pipework 35 kms ASD Systems and 60 FM200 Systems.

Plumbing and Drainage Installation consists of 4,000 Items of Sanitary Wares, 180 Pumps, 95 Km Pipework and 5,000 Cu M/day (water consumption).

KCRC – University Station Extension
Shatin, Hong Kong
ACMV installation consists of split type air-conditioning units.

Electrical installation consists of LV Switchboard, Generator set, lighting and power.

Fire Services installation consists of fire pump and pipeworks and AFA System.

Plumbing and Drainage installation consists of water pump, pipeworks and above ground drainage pipe.