Contract Signing Ceremony - 24 October 2023
(L-R) Messrs. Dennis Chan, Joseph Fung, Chan Yiu Hon and Lam Ping Wai

Messrs. Dominic Liu, Chester Chan, Stephen Siu, Andy Ho and Ken Chan

Standing L-R :

A signing ceremony for the newly awarded Contract No. DE/2022/14 – Term Contract for Inspection, Repair, Overhaul and Testing of Electrical and Mechanical Installations at Various Sewage Treatment Works and Pumping Stations in New Territories West and New Territories North happened on the 24th October 2023 at the Revenue Tower in Wan Chai.

Aster’s Representatives Mr. Joseph Fung (Managing Director) and Mr. Dennis Chan (Director – Project Operations) attended together with Aster’s Witness, Mr. Dominic Liu (Commercial Manager). Also present were Mr. Stephen Siu (Maintenance Manager) and Mr. Chester Chan (Construction Manager).

For the DSD side,  present were Representative  Mr. Chan Yiu Hon (Assistant Director – Electrical and Mechanical), Witness Mr. Lam Ping Wai (Chief Engineer – Sewage Treatment One) along with Mr. Andy C.C. Ho (Senior Engineer) and Mr. Ken T.K. Chan (Assistant Electrical and Mechanical Engineer – Sewage Treatment Division 1)

Prior to the contract signing, a Letter of Acceptance dated 20 July 2023 from Drainage Services Department was received, with the contract running from 2023 to 2026.